The games

Vox Battles - Wishlist on Steam.

A multiplayer Battle Royale where you and up to 10 people can battle it out with your Mirandus Vox Collectables in 3 different arenas.

Coming soon to Steam. Get ready for a blast in Vox Battles, a multiplayer mayhem of fast-paced fights and clever strategy. Choose a Vox champion and dive into an arena with up to 8 players, hunt for weapons to survive. With 3 unique biomes, Vox Battles is where casual meets competition, all in one fantastic showdown!

Vox Battles: The Range (Play it on the web!)

A web based archery range game where you can use your Mirandus VOX characters and shoot arrows at targets for a timed duration. Most points wins. A fun and light hearted way to spend an afternoon.

Vox Battles: The Dead (Play it on the web!)

A web based zombie runner. Select a human VOX and run through the streets of a post apocalyptic town where the dead roam the streets. Try to stay alive and fight off the dead walkers. It's dark and mysterious. You can play it here.

What is all of this?

I'm an indie game dev who is excited to play with my Gala Games Vox Collectables. I own a few Mirandus VOX and Walking Dead VOX and didn't want to wait any longer to play... so I made these games.

How do I add my own VOX to these games?

For now, contact me on the Gala Games discord. I'll need your .fbx file of the VOX character you want in the game. I am only able to support Humanoid characters for now. Dragons, hawks, tigers and horses are super cool and I'll definitely add support for them (I have some killer ideas for the dragons)... but since this is a part time project, I want to focus on the gameplay with the basic characters before I start adding in the flair.

Does this cost money?

No. Well.. Sort of. The games are free to play, especially when I can only devote my free time to building them. I do have to rig the .fbx models for my animations to work and currently outsource this, which costs me $30 for each VOX. So.. there is no way i'll be able to get in all 8888 Mirandus and 8888 Walking Dead Vox without support. 😮

What about a Town Star VOX Game?

I would love to. Making 2 games in my free time after a full day of work is already pretty hard.. I have some fun ideas for it.. just need the time. ⏱

Why is this website so basic?

I'm trying to be smart with my time and focus my free time on the games.

A special thank you...

Special shoutouts to the community members who have already sent me their .fbx files. When selecting a character from in the game, you'll see the attribution screen of who provided the .fbx file. They are amazing people. 🙏